Where to find the registration code of a car

The registration code of a car is a four-digit number. You often need this number to suspend a car. But the insurance company also needs this number to insure the car. If you have lost this code, you can request it from the RDW. They can send it to your postal address for a small fee. But it is also possible to log in with digid. So you can receive the code within a few hours by email and insure or suspend the car. You can also find the number on the letter from RDW that you received after the purchase of the car. But if you really can't find it, it is often on the registration certificate. You may also make a copy of it for the insurer.

Why do you need the registration code of a car

You need a registration code to be able to insure a car. Without this code, you drive uninsured on the road and this can result in high fines. You can find this code on the back of your car's registration certificate. If you do not have the code, you probably received a letter from the RDW containing it. If you do not have that letter either, you can also request it via the internet. This is often done with a Digid login. So they know at the RDW that they are dealing with the right person. If you do not have internet access you can also request it by phone. They check your data first before it can be sent.

Where can you store it safely?

You can choose to safely store the reporting code in a folder. Most people do this in the folder where they keep their personal data. You could also choose to digitise the code. Make sure that the code is clearly visible on the photo. You can best secure this file with a long password. That way, burglars on the computer cannot access this important data. In addition, you also have the license plate where it is. Most people leave this in the glove compartment of the car. But you would also fine in your wallet can do.

What do you use the registration code of a car for?

You use a car's registration code when you go to insure it. It consists of four digits and the insurance company will use this to verify that you are the real owner of the car. They also often need a driver's license to insure your car. In the Netherlands car insurance is mandatory and you are not allowed to drive without insurance. There are high fines for this. This is to prevent a lot of misery because of an uninsured person. But it is also a way to make sure nothing happens to people. An insurer often mediates in case of damage.

How to remember the registration code of a car

You can remember your car's registration code by saving it on your computer, for example. It is advisable to do this with a password protection. This way you can be sure that no one will know the code. You can also practice with memorizing the code. You can often find the code on the back of the license plate. But you can also find it on the letter you received from the RDW.

Why it's so important to keep it well

Without a car registration code, you cannot insure a car. It is therefore of great importance that you keep this code. But in addition, you cannot suspend the car without this code. If you have lost it, you can always request it from the RDW. This can be done digitally or by post. They verify this on the basis of your basic information. So make sure you have your driver's license or id card with you when you go to call them. And always make sure the address is correct. This way they can send you the code and you can sell the car again. But it can also happen that you can't get an insurance.

The cost of a registration code for a car

The cost of a car's registration code is not expensive. Most people have a license plate in their car. On it is also the registration code of the car. This means that in this case it costs you nothing. You can also request it from the RDW for a small fee. The cheapest way is to do this digitally. This is also the fastest method to get it at home. By post you often pay a little more than usual.

Conclusion reporting code car

Having the registration code for a car is very important. You are not allowed to drive without insurance and there are high fines for this. The registration code can be found on the vehicle registration certificate or the letter you received from the RDW. You can also order it digitally so that it is safe in your mailbox. You also need the code to suspend the car. When you do not use the car, you want to suspend it quickly. This can save a lot of money.

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